GREENLANDICE competition gloves made of Meryl/Lycra.
The Light Tan gloves have Swarovski Crystal AB.
The Black gloves have Jet Hematite crystals.
Made in England. Sizes:
Medium for age 8-12
Large are adult one size.

Suntan gloves made in EU. Sizes:
Small for age 5-9
Medium- for age 10-Adult Small
Large for Adult Medium-Large.


The Light Tan gloves are a paler shade than the Suntan gloves.

International Shipping
International Shipping
Choose your size then add up to three pairs of gloves to your cart then add £7 for International shipping.

International Shipping for up to three pairs of gloves. +£7
International Shipping£7.00
Suntan Competition Gloves
Suntan Competition Gloves
SMALL: for age 5-9
MEDIUM: for age 10-Ladies Small
LARGE: for Ladies medium-large.
Made in EU

£18 including UK post
Suntan Competition Gloves£18.00
Suntan Competition gloves + Swarovski crystals
Suntan Competition gloves + Swarovski crystals
Swarovski crystal ab added to suntan gloves.
Suntan Competition gloves + Swarovski crystals£3.00
Black Competition Gloves with Crystals
Black Competition Gloves with Crystals
GREENLANDICE Black Competition Gloves
Made of Meryl/Lycra.
Decorated with Jet Hematite/Black Diamond Crystals
Small: age 5-7
Medium: age 8-12
Large: Ladies One Size
X Large: Man One Size

£21 including UK Post for all sizes.
XLarge made to order, please use the contact form.
Black Competition Gloves with Crystals£21.00
Greenlandice Competition Gloves
Greenlandice Competition Gloves
Made in England from Meryl/Lycra with added Crystal AB.
If you would like coloured crystals to match your costume. Please use the contact form to order.
These gloves are Light Tan
Small: Age 5-7
Medium: Age 8-12
Large: Ladies one size

£21 including UK Post.

Greenlandice Competition Gloves£21.00
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